Bespoke service

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Bespoke service

Bespoke service

Many times we are asked, how much does DJ Knight charge to play at an event? This is always a question that we cannot answer straight away. Although it may seem frustrating, in the end it is the enquirer who gets the better deal. DJ Knight believes in a bespoke service, not a one size fits all.

Every event that DJ Knight is a part of, is approached with a bespoke service touch. Yes he does weddings, birthdays, private and special events, and those all might seem the same to you,but no two events will be the same because the people are not the same and will want and require varying elements that suit them. This is where  the bespoke service approach is an advantage.

DJ Knight cannot quote the same for doing an event for 1,000 guests for a 6 hour event, the sameas an event with 200 guests for a 4 hour event. They both might well be a wedding, birthday or a private event, but the logistics involved will total differ.

When DJ Knight turns up to DJ that isn’t just what he does. With a bespoke service there is a lot more work involved A bespoke DJ will take time out to meet up with you once or twice or as many times as required prior to the event.
He will spend time corresponding all elements of your event and musical preferences with you. He will factor in labour and transport for production when setting up stage, lighting and sound/PA, and of course their time spent preparing and then playing at your event on the day or night.

The bespoke service allows DJ Knight to ensure that you receive the best according to your budget and requirements, working endlessly to make sure that on the night, all you have to think about is being able to enjoy your night knowing
every single detail has been handled.

The bespoke service is definitely ideal for anyone looking to book an experienced professional DJ who has the know-how
to running a successful event.

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