Booking your Corporate DJ

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Booking your corporate DJ

Booking your Corporate DJ

When looking at booking your corporate DJ, there are a few factors that you should consider. First and foremost you have to remember that music is the backbone of every event. When booking your corporate DJ this is no different. Get the music wrong and you will have a disaster of an event. Get the music right and you are sure to have one the best corporate events to remember.

Meet your Corporate DJ
It is always a good idea when looking at booking your corporate DJ to meet up with them and discuss all your requirements. Once you meet your DJ you will know straight away if they are suitable for your event.

When booking your corporate DJ choosing a DJ who knows his music is very important. But more importantly, when booking your corporate DJ, they must listen to your music choices and selections. Professional DJ’s play the music you want for your event. Book a DJ who doesn’t adhere to your brief and you could have a terrible event. Music is the all important element when booking your corporate DJ. Discuss in advance the types of genres and general vibe of the music you are wanting. Giving as much detail will help the corporate DJ understand your crowd and the type of music that will set your party off.

Discuss when booking your corporate DJ the times you require them to set up, playing duration and finish time. Do you require them to play during reception? During dinner? And last but not least when to crank it up for main part of the party. Establishing the timing will aid with the flow of your corporate event.

Presentation on any level is important. When booking your corporate DJ it is essential that they dress up accordingly. As a corporate DJ, they will be a focal point of your event. Depending on the theme or type of corporate event you are doing your DJ should fit in. So whether it’s black tie or fancy dress, discuss this with your DJ to ensure they fit with the dress code.

Make sure you remember that when you are booking your corporate DJ they are the right DJ for you and your event. Meet up and have an open discussion on what you expect and require to ensure everyone is on the same page.

DJ Knight is a professional DJ who plays at numerous corporate events and is available to give any advice you may require.

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