Booking your DJ in Advance

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booking your DJ in advance

Booking your DJ in Advance

The date is set, the guest list drawn up, the venue chosen and now think about booking your DJ in advance.

When to book your DJ

If you have everything organised you should really think about booking your DJ in advance.  If you do this then you have many advantages.  Once you know the date there is no reason why you shouldn’t go ahead and book your DJ.  This way you are sure to get the DJ that you want for your celebration and you won’t have to settle for second best.

Who to book

Well this all depends on the type of function you are planning.  However, the key to booking any DJ is to do your research.  You will need to think of a DJ who is versatile, personable, reliable and most of all, a DJ who listens to what you want.  There are many DJ’s out there who will just play the music they want, in the order they want, and in the style they want; you don’t want to be left with one of these DJ’s just because you haven’t thought of booking your DJ in advance.  DJ Knight would be the obvious choice of DJ to book as he ticks all the boxes and most certainly would not let you down.  DJ Knight would always recommend booking your DJ in advance.

How far in advance should I book?

There is no hard and fast rule as to how far in advance you should think of booking your DJ.  However, you should always bear in mind that if you have a particular DJ in your sights then you really need to be booking your DJ in advance.  When planning a celebration such as a wedding, you probably will be booking all the other aspects well in advance so why not book the DJ too?  More often than not a wedding will be booked and the planning started around 2 years in advance – there is no reason whatsoever why you can’t book your DJ also.  By booking your DJ in advance you could complete your special celebration in the perfect way by having the best DJ.

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