Can my DJ also MC?

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Can my DJ also MC?

In a nutshell, not all DJs can also MC. To be a master of ceremonies for an event takes a lot of experience. The MC acts as a representative on behalf of you, making all announcements, ensuring that the night runs smoothly and at every point guests know exactly what is happening.

There are DJs who only play music, they do not touch a microphone to make any announcements or coordinate an evening. In these circumstances, you will need to hire a separate MC.

DJs who also MC will play music and make all the announcements while coordinating the timetable throughout your event.

It is important that you identify what type of DJ you are booking for your event. Do not assume all DJs are the same.

Every DJ has their own style, flair and way of doing things which makes them unique in their own right. Those factors is what determines what you will like about them.

Before booking your DJ:

  • See them working at an event
  • Have a meeting with them
  • Find out if they can MC and DJ

Does it matter if my DJ can MC or not?

This will all depend on your requirements. For example, if you are having a club style event without any formalities, there is no need for your DJ to make any announcements. Hence you will just need them to DJ.

If you are having a formal event like a wedding, award ceremony, bar mitzvah etc, you will need an MC to make announcements. Having a DJ who can also MC will be an advantage.

What if  I like my DJ but they do not MC?

Then we advise that you book a separate MC, some DJs will have some they know, work with and give some recommendations.

If you would like more information on booking DJs & MCs contact here.

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