Choosing your wedding music

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Choosing your wedding music

Choosing your Wedding Music

When it comes to choosing your wedding music, you probably have many ideas about what you want; popular, rock, indie, jazz, classical and everything else in between, the list can go on. But what about
your guests? Would they like your particular choice of music.

It’s My Wedding
Now yes you’re right it is your wedding, but when choosing your wedding music, you have to consider not just your own musical tastes but that of your guests too. They are there to celebrate your big day, so it is always good to consider the age ranges of your guests and the genres and era of music they would
also want to hear. You want to have everyone packing the dance floor and enjoying themselves. The ideal way way to ensure this is to have an eclectic range of music that will suit all tastes

Band or DJ
This is always a difficult decision when choosing your wedding music source, but the best thing to do is research! Its always good to check out your venue, number of guests, and the format of your wedding. This could influence your choice as to what will work best. What is becoming popular is the mix of the two elements called DJ Live; this is having a DJ who plays alongside live musicians. This in effect
gives you the best of both worlds.

Discussing your music
Once you have chosen your music source, it is good to meet up and discuss your choice of wedding music
Your music is very important, music is the backbone to all events and will be essential to your wedding event. Meet up with your wedding DJ or band and discuss all your thoughts, ideas and music playlisting. This will ensure that you know exactly what you will be getting on the night and this will avoid any
unexpected musical surprises.

When choosing your wedding music, think about what will be important to you, but also consider your guests.Decide if you are going for a band, DJ or both and make sure you meet up to discuss choosing your wedding music.

We wish you all the best with your wedding and hope you have a fantastic day/evening.

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