Cool vs Cheesy Music

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Cool vs Cheesy Music

Cool vs Cheesy – Music Requirements

Thinking about the type of music you want to have at your party/event? Cool vs Cheesy music – what to choose?

  • Everyone has such different tastes in music; some people love to listen to cool, up to date music and then others love a bit of cheese!
  • When thinking of what music to put on your playlist, think about the music that you want to hear. It’s your party, you’ve organised it, you’ve booked the DJ, so book your taste in music.
  • The thing is, cool vs cheesy music often comes to light when choosing a playlist. Some of your guests won’t be able to get enough of those cheesy tunes and are sure to have their own signature moves to a few of the old favourites!! However some of your guests will be ‘too cool’ and will only get on the dancefloor when they hear their cool, popular sounds!
  • There is no doubt when considering cool vs cheesy music, you know that everyone loves a bit of cheesy music really – even if they don’t admit it! It’s sure to bring out the real fun side of your guests. However if you go for the cool option then well, who knows who will be owning the dancefloor? You could have some really talented dancers amongst your guests!!
  • At the end of the day, as stated above, it’s your party. Therefore you have to choose the music that you like.
  • DJ Knight is so highly experienced in playing to a diverse audience that he is able to please everyone. DJ Knight always has a full dancefloor and will quickly change the pace and genre of music to suit the atmosphere.
  • When you book DJ Knight and discuss your music requirements for your function, he will be happy to give you advice on cool vs cheesy; however one thing he will say is that ultimately it’s your choice! Whatever you choose with DJ Knight in control you are sure to have a great time!!

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