Digital versus Vinyl

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Digital versus Vinyl

Digital versus Vinyl – Pros and cons

There are pros and cons for both regarding your DJ playing digital versus vinyl media. The way that a DJ plays music at a wedding has changed immensely over the years with music being captured in varying ways. It all started out with vinyl many, many years ago and it has now come full circle and vinyl is once again incredibly fashionable and popular.

As for what format is best for your wedding DJ to be using is a personal choice.

The great advantage of a DJ using digital versus vinyl is the flexibility. The DJ will be able to move from track to track with great ease and download and stream any requests within seconds. There is never the excuse of ‘I haven’t got that one’ when using digital.

For a DJ to play a set with vinyl takes great skill and experience. The pros for using vinyl is that an experienced DJ can mix tracks effortlessly and take the mood back to a time we may have forgotten. Using vinyl could be the way forward should your wedding have a theme such as a vintage one. This would give the wedding party an added sense of ethnicity to whole event.

One of the disadvantages of a DJ using digital versus vinyl is that maybe everything is just too available. The DJ could become inundated with requests from young and old alike and then that could lead the DJ into losing his thread a bit. The bride and groom would have chosen a playlist that the DJ will adhere to as much as possible and he wouldn’t want an evening of endless requests on top of this.

The problem with choosing vinyl is the complete opposite to using digital – the music choice could be limited. Not all albums were pressed onto vinyl and therefore the one song you really want may not be available on vinyl. In addition to this, the DJ will have a lot more equipment to be carrying about and will have to think of additional space to store his records where they are easily accessible at the wedding.

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