DJ Event Pricing


DJ Event Pricing

DJ Event Pricing – How much will it cost?

You will notice that DJ Knight does not publish generic DJ Event Pricing on the website, why is this?

The reason being that all quotes are based on the full details of your own personal event, right down to the last little details. It’s your event, created in a bespoke manner to ensure everything is perfect. Therefore our DJ Event Pricing will vary according to your very specific needs.

At DJ Knight we understand that no two events are the same, everyone likes different things and we are here to deliver them to you in a memorable and enjoyable way.

Example: If you have an intimate event with 100 guests compared to a formal event with 1000 guests, the costings would not be at all comparable.

Every single event enquiry is quoted based on location, number of guests, style of event, timings, if you require event production and any other special requirements you may need.

Offering fully bespoke DJ Event Pricing allows us to give you the most competitive and up to date cost that will suit you, whilst delivering on your requirements and staying within budget.

For bookings and enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us

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