DJ Frequently Asked Questions


DJ Frequently Asked Questions

DJ Frequently Asked Questions

How much to book DJ Knight?

This is one of the more common DJ Frequently Asked Questions – every event is unique and DJ Knight creates packages to reflect the needs of each individual function. DJ Knight offers many various options to suit your event. He has a bespoke approach to every event and therefore quotes based on the full details. To discuss, or arrange a meeting please call +44(0)20 3130 4040 / +44(0)7956 104 086 or email: info@djknight.co.uk

Can DJ Knight be our MC?

Yes, DJ Knight is also a Master of Ceremonies and can conduct your event accordingly. He will ensure that everything runs to the timetable and liaise with all other elements such as photographers, caterers and other entertainment.

Does DJ Knight travel?

Top of the list of DJ Frequently Asked Questions if you are based outside London or internationally. Yes, DJ Knight plays all over the UK and abroad. Traveling is not a problem and can be arranged based on full details.

What type of music does he play?

One of the more popular DJ Frequently Asked Questions – DJ Knight is a professional DJ, so the music choice is totally up to you. Whatever music you want for YOUR event is what he will play. He ensures
That he discusses all your music requirements before your event to make sure you are 100% satisfied knowing what will be played at YOUR event.

Can our guests request songs?

Yes of course. DJ Knight has an extensive music library, which he takes to all events. He will accommodate all requests where possible. If you have a specific song that needs to be found then given adequate time, DJ Knight will work to ensure he has it for you.

Can we meet DJ Knight before our event?

YES, and it is DJ Knight’s policy that he has a meeting with you to discuss every detail of your event from start to finish.  He prefers face to face meetings before any contracts are drawn up to ensure all parties are comfortable and enables him to understand what you want for your event.

How far in advance does DJ Knight take bookings?

A common belief is that DJ Knight will be booked up in advanced. But are also plenty of dates always available. Due to a number of reasons, such as seasons, and his schedule. But as with planning any event, the sooner the better. Popular dates do get booked early, so to avoid disappointment, as soon as you have a date, get booking.

Does DJ Knight take last minute bookings?

A popular asked question. Yes he does, this is all subject to his availability, but last minute bookings are more than welcome.

What if the event timings change?

DJ Knight is very flexible and understands that things change during live events. So long as it does not conflict with other commitments this will be totally fine.

Will DJ Knight do overtime?

Yes, if your event runs over the contracted and agreed time, permitted the venue and location allows, and he has no prior conflicts, DJ Knight will do overtime. Rates can be discussed with him.

What will DJ Knight wear?

DJ Knight is one of the most immaculately dressed DJ’s around. Depending on what your event is, he will dress accordingly. If you are doing a specially themed night. He can also be themed to suit your event.

Is DJ Knight insured?

Yes, DJ Knight has full DJ Public Liability Insurance. Certificate can be shown on request.

How do we secure a booking with DJ Knight?

All events performed by DJ Knight require a signed contract and a deposit to ensure your date is reserved. No event can be reserved without a contract and a deposit.

Can we come to see DJ Knight in action?

One of the more popular DJ Frequently Asked Questions. Yes, this all depends on where he is playing and if he has permission to invite you to an event he is performing at. All subject to details. In the meantime, check out his videos page for a sample of the events he has done previously.

How many sets does DJ Knight do?

This all depends on the detailing of your event and timetable. This will all be discussed when planning your event. You will go over how long and when you require DJ Knight to play.

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So what do we do next? How do I book DJ Knight?

You can call him on +44(0)20 3130 4040 / +44(0)7956 104 086 Or email: info@djknight.co.uk

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