DJ Playing Times

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DJ Playing Times

DJ Playing Times

How long will, and can, your DJ play for?

Each DJ will have a set time that they will play for during an event. These times grouped together are called sets.

Throughout the course of an event a DJ will play a number of sets depending on the overall booking time.

When you’re booking a DJ, you must be very clear about the duration of the booking and the actual time you want to hear music.

Example: If your event starts at 6pm and finishes at 1am, you cannot expect your DJ to stand and play for the 7 hours’ period in one set.

Based on the schedule of your evening, your DJ will work out when it’s the best times for their sets and to work out the ideal time for breaks.

Expect a DJ to play between 1 hour 30mins to 2 hours in one set. (Remember every DJ is different and you must check with them, this is just a guideline to help you to understand).

This will mainly apply when you are booking a DJ over an extensive length of time, such as weddings, awards, gala dinners, etc. If you require a DJ for a specific time, for example 11pm till 1am, they probably will be able to do that whole set in one go.

It can also flip the other way. You may only need them to play a couple of 30 minute sets based format of your event.

Ascertain how long you will require music for at your event. Put your schedule of events into a timetable. Discuss with your DJ and they will then advise the best times for their sets and breaks.

Music is the backbone of every event; ensuring the music suits the order of events is the key to a successful function.

If you have any questions or would like more information on DJ booking times, contact here.

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