Event Production

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Event Production

Event Production Explained

The term event production can be confusing when DJ Knight brings this up, what does it mean? And what does it relate too?

In a nutshell, the space you decide to use for your event will either be a dry-hire space (meaning it is an empty shell, you are just hiring the space) or a self-contained venue (meaning a space that comes with staging, sound/PA, lighting, furniture etc)

Dry Hire Space

If you decide on a dry hire space, this will not come with staging, lighting, sound/PA and furniture. This will all have to be delivered, installed, and collected.

Depending on the planned brief of what you are wanting, the schedule and fees would be charged accordingly. As this would be totally bespoke there are no set costs.

If a dry hire venue tells you they have sound and lighting, always have this checked out by your DJ or event planner, because the in-house systems are never usually adequate for discos or certain types of events.

Self-contained Venue

These venues tend to be clubs, social spaces or dedicated event spaces with the sole purpose of offering an all in one package.

Self-contained venues are ideal if you do not require a bespoke event created for you. The venues usually come with staging, lighting, sound/PA and furniture included. The on-site event managers can give you the full specification of what they have; it’s still a good idea to have your DJ and event planner look over everything beforehand.

Benefits of a dry hire

  • Create a bespoke event based on your own personal vision
  • Have every part of your event personalised
  • This will be a one of a kind experience that no one else would ever have had.

Things to consider

  • You need an event planner to ensure your vision is executed and to manage the whole event
  • The cost and schedule is totally bespoke and will depend on the final details of your vision.

Benefits of a self-contained venue

  • You don’t have to think about having event production provide
  • They offer all in one packages usually with set pricing.

Things to consider

  • Personalising can sometimes be challenging

If you want to understand or have more questions about event production contact here.

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