Good Kisser By Usher

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Good Kisser By Usher

Good Kisser By Usher is my “Track of the week”  To me Usher is one of the best R&B singer / songwriter / performers around. He has been at the top of his game for decades. He has been absent for a while. His latest single Good Kisser is truly an amazing one to back with.

Good Kisser By Usher is something that we havent heard before or for a long while. Its melody, lyrics and composition , stand it apart from a lot of the R&B that we are used to hearing. Good Kisser By Usher has a new school R&B feel, with an old school throwback / retro sound at the same time. You can also hear a latin inspired cowbell and funky high hat throughout the whole track. With hard hitting vocals and lyrics from Usher this song is a hit for sure.

Usher is known for a string of hits which include “yeah” “you make me wanna” “you got it bad” & “OMG

Good Kisser By Usher his latest instalment is truly going to be alongside one of his greatest hits. Its available to download on itunes now

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