Have you got a playlist?

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Have you got a playlist?

Have you got a playlist?

Music at any event should be organic and suit the event theme or mood, or why not just have an iPod playing? The reason for the DJ is so they select to the music accordingly. The DJ enhances the atmospheric ambience of an event with musical synchronicity.

This cannot be scripted or predetermined. Preparation of music sets must be done, but one of the skills an experienced DJ possesses, is to have the right music at his/her disposal and produce it at the right time.

Reading a crowd and the atmosphere is something that a talented DJ can do. This is a skill that has been developed over an extensive period of time having played at numerous types of events: they learn the art of reading a crowd.

The DJ ensures that music coincides with the mood of the events.

For example, during the reception, the music policy would be of a background nature so guests can talk without having to raise their voices. This would be the same for during dinner.

After the formalities are complete, during dancing, the music would be up tempo to encourage guests to migrate onto the dance floor.

This is an example of how music sets the tone; the DJ should be left to what they know in their experienced judgement is the right tracks to play.

If you want certain songs to be or not be played, the best thing to do is write a list. You don’t have to list down every single song, but mainly give the songs you definitely want to hear and a few of your ultimate favourites. This gives a clear indication so your DJ will know the general vibe of what you want to hear.

If you would like any further information on your playlists for your event, contact us.

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