How do I Pick the Right Wedding DJ

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how do I pick the right wedding DJ

 How do I Pick the Right Wedding DJ

Congratulations! You are getting married and planning your wedding; you are asking how do I pick the right wedding DJ

Why is the DJ Important?

It is extremely important to pick the right wedding DJ as this is the one thing that can make or break your party.  This is a very important decision and you have to ask lots of questions.

Can your DJ Offer you more?
Do you want more than just a DJ? When you are thinking ‘how do I pick the right wedding DJ?’ there are many factors to consider. If you pick the right wedding DJ, they can be the host of your wedding party, entertainer and a master of ceremonies.  This means that you can relax and enjoy your wedding knowing that your DJ will be completely professional and if he is also your master of ceremonies, he can make the necessary announcements that are needed and keep control of the evening taking all the pressure off you, the bride and groom, leaving you to mingle and have fun with your guests.

Music Playlist
When planning your wedding celebration you will most definitely have that list of songs that are important to you as a couple and also songs that you just love to dance to!  When considering the question ‘how do I pick the right wedding DJ’ you must ensure that your DJ is completely versatile.  A good DJ is a versatile one.  When you pick the right wedding DJ, you should meet with them and they should listen intently to your requirements and what music you wish to have and whether that DJ likes your choice or not, he should play those tunes!  After all it is your wedding; not his!  A DJ such as DJ Knight is a great choice of wedding DJ as his versatility knows no boundaries and he will adhere to the brief, take on requests from guests and keep the dance floor full.  When you pick the right wedding DJ he will survey the crowd, and he will use his initiative and if he believes that the music chosen will kill the party, he will adjust and play accordingly to his audience.

Meet your DJ
Once you have made your choice make sure you meet your DJ.  To pick the right wedding DJ, once you have met them you will know if this person is right for you.  When you ask yourself ‘how do I pick the right wedding DJ?’ it is obviously quite a tough decision to be made.  Once you have met your DJ face to face you can build up a relationship well before the wedding and if you pick the right wedding DJ he will be completely approachable and open to discuss your wedding requirements any time.   Pick the right wedding DJ by booking DJ Knight and when you meet with him you are guaranteed to be impressed by his charisma, style and professional attitude.

Read Testimonials and Reviews
Do some research before you pick the right wedding DJ.  Read some reviews of the DJ you are choosing.  DJ Knight has fabulous, positive testimonials and reviews that you are welcome to read and please feel free to contact him to ask any question, any question at all.  DJ Knight is often booked on recommendation as his reputation is outstanding.

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