How do I choose the right DJ

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How do I choose the right DJ

How do I choose the right DJ?

This maybe a question you are stuck pondering about. How do i choose the right DJ? Where do you start looking? How will you know if the DJ will be what you expect? Will they suit your event? The list of enquiry questions goes on.

Let’s explore some of the queries you have thought about:

Will the DJ play the music I want?

If you are booking a professional DJ, for your event, YES. You are not booking the DJ on the proviso that they will take on board your play wish list.

I’ve never heard of that DJ before, how do I know they are right for me?

Recommendations are always a good source as they are honest and non-biased options. Look at their profile to see evidence of professional work.

What is the difference between an event DJ and a club DJ?

Both styles of DJ can play music, the difference is, event DJ’s specialise in playing at functions such as weddings, corporate events, Bar/Bat mitzvahs. They are experienced in coordinating whole events and making announcements. Club DJs tend not to make announcements and coordinate your entire function.

So many various prices, how do I know which is right?

You choose based on what is right for you. Every DJ will quote based on various determining factors.

Will my DJ provide the equipment?

This will depend on the type of DJ and also the type of venue you have. If you book a self-contained venue, they may have an in-house sound & PA system (check to see if it will be adequate). If it is a dry hire space, these elements will need to be provided. Check with your DJ.

This article has been issued to help answer some of the most common thoughts and questions you may have. If you require more information, please click here.

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