Jewish Wedding DJ

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Jewish Wedding DJ

Jewish Wedding DJ

Congratulations if you you are engaged and soon to be married, and an equally warm welcome if you
are browsing through the DJ Knight site. When it comes to booking a Jewish wedding DJ, there are many
factors to consider. In this article we will be exploring what they are to help you in making your decision.

Booking your Jewish wedding DJ
Once you have chosen your venue and date, the next important thing to do is book your DJ. Your Jewish wedding DJ will be a very important factor to your day / evening. Music is the backbone of every event and your wedding is no different. As well as the music, having a DJ who can also MC your wedding should you
require, is important as they must be able to command the room and coordinate all the elements according to the time table of your big day.

When choosing your Jewish wedding DJ, make sure you discuss your musical requirements. The music policy should be what you want it to be, so if you’re into current pop, or 80’s and 90’s, alternative, Hebrew music, whatever you want your DJ must be able to accommodate your needs. It’s always a good idea to make a play list of MUST and MUST NOT songs that your DJ can research. Think about what you want your first dance to be and also your last, including everything in between.
It’s not to say make an extensive list, you just want to give your DJ the key songs and let them plan the rest.This way you will know that the music will be to your satisfaction.

Meet your DJ
Before booking your Jewish wedding DJ, it’s advisable to meet up to discuss your big day. A face to face meeting is really helpful to form a working relationship. After all your Jewish wedding DJ
will be in charge of making sure all your guests are up dancing and having a good time. It is a good chance for you check out your Jewish wedding DJ’s personality and approachability. So, meet up and decide if the DJ you have chosen is right for you.

For your day, your Jewish wedding DJ will by all means have a structured timetable to follow. It is imperative that you formulate the timetable to accommodate all your days event. Your timetable can be structured by yourself, or your wedding planner. On the day, it will be the DJ’s job to execute it. So make sure you go over this to ensure all is understood.

DJ Presentation
A professional DJ will take as much pride in providing a great DJ service as much as his/her presentation. Your DJ’s presentation is very important and should fit into your scene

About DJ Knight
DJ Knight is a professional DJ who is requested to play at Jewish weddings in the UK and abroad. With his extensive knowledge of music and playing at Jewish weddings,as well as his background in entertainment, means he understands what truly makes a great event and atmosphere. He is the Jewish wedding DJ of choice to book. DJ Knight plays regularly at Jewish weddings, he had the pleasure of DJing for the UK’s top Jewish wedding blogger Karen Cinnamon of Smashing the Glass. Her website is a great source of information and inspiration for Jewish weddings around the globe. To view Smashing the glass CLICK HERE

For more booking advice and information on DJ Knight, please CLICK HERE

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