Milestone Birthday Party

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Milestone Birthday Party

Milestone Birthday Party

If you have a birthday coming up, then congratulations. Lets start planning your party….

When it comes to milestone birthdays, you want to make sure that you get it right.
Music is the back bone of every party and event, thus your milestone birthday party is no different.
Whether your celebrating your 1st, 13th, 16th, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 80th or 100th
Make sure that you pick a DJ who has the experience to deliver a great milestone birthday party.

Birthday DJ
As one of the most experienced special events DJ’s around. DJ Knight has played at a number
of milestone birthday parties of all ages. Having extensive experience under his belt has led him
to be called upon for milestone birthday parties in the UK and worldwide.

Birthday playlist
Music for your milestone birthday celebration will be very important. Getting the music
right will make for the perfect party. Discussing the music you want to hear at your
milestone birthday party is imperative. There will be music that is important to you, friends and family.
Make sure you make a playlist of your MUST play, and must NOT played songs. This will ensure
your DJ understands the music you do and don’t want to hear.

DJ Knight can play for any age from 1 to 100 & beyond it does not matter, he knows how to get
a party atmosphere by reading a crowd and playing the right music. This is a mark of a skilled
DJ. A DJ who can ready a crowd is very important, this will ensure you have a DJ who can act and react
according to the dynamics of your birthday party.

Themed Birthday Party
If your having a themed milestone birthday party, DJ Knight can most certainly accommodate.
Once you have discussed your theme and the music policy, leave it to him and he will make sure
that your themed milestone birthday party has the right themed music to accompany.

If you are planning or considering celebrating a milestone birthday party. Get in touch with DJ Knight
who you can discuss things over with you. Exploring your ideas and concepts will be fun as you see
how your milestone birthday party can come together.


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