Modern Bar Mitzvah DJ

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Modern Bar Mitzvah DJ

Modern Bar Mitzvah DJ

This can be one of the most stressful events to plan. So many contributing factors, so many things to consider, will you remember? How will you put it all together? Planning a Bar mitzvah? Then this article is for you; when planning your Bar mitzvah there are 6 main factors to consider.

Event planner/company
If you don’t know where to start then an events company or planner is the ideal solution. They will be able to take you through the entire process and take the stress away of budgeting, you having to guess who the best suppliers are to book, and also manage the whole event.


Choosing your venue is very important. Look at as many options as you possibly can. Work out if you want a dry or self-contained space. This will play a major factor on your production costings. Make sure you see the venue during a Bar mitzvah to give you a clear indication or what it is like during an event.


Music is the backbone to all event; booking the right DJ is essential to a good Bar mitzvah. Get recommendations, see them perform at a Bar mitzvah, and have a meeting to decipher who will be the right DJ for you.


This will depend on if you are doing kosher or non-offence. Again, go on recommendations and arrange tasting sessions to ensure you decide on exactly what you want. There are many catering companies that are suitable for Bar mitzvah’s.


Making sure your guests are thoroughly entertained is an integral factor in keeping the children engaged and immersed. Have no entertainment and you run the risk of the children running around and getting into mischief. Dancers, silent disco, photo booth, magicians, are just a few ideas. There is a barrage of entertainment solutions for Bar mitzvah’s.


This largely depends on your venue. If you decide on a self-contained venue, they may already have sound, lighting, staging, and furniture. A dry hire space comes with nothing; therefore, you will require production.

There is a lot to consider and it can be overwhelming. Having an events planner would make the whole experience much more feasible.

If you require more information on hiring an events planner for your event contact here.

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