Music Playlist

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Music Playlist

Music Playlist

The question always arises is can you have the music you want at YOUR event? The answer to this is yes! We could stop the blog here now that you have your answer. But let’s look into this subject in more detail.

When you book an event DJ for your function, there should be a consultation to determine what type of music you would like played.

You are not attending a club or a concert where the music policy has been set and you’re a guest.

You are booking a professional DJ to comply with your musical wish list for YOUR special event.

We advise that before meeting up with your DJ you create a music playlist of all the songs you would like to hear.

Split it up into:

  • general overall tracks
  • must play tracks
  • do not play tracks

Once you meet up, having this list to hand makes it easier to discuss everything.

Your DJ will of course have input as to what will work, and remember you are booking a DJ not an iPod and so therefore the DJ will play according to the mood of your crowd, the atmosphere and timings of your event.

Things to consider when you put your music play list together

What is your event?

A wedding? Corporate function? Milestone birthday? Themed party?

This will have baring on the playlist; for example, if it’s a wedding, you have guests of all ages, to create a cohesive vibe, the music should appeal to all tastes and cover a wide range of genres.

If you’re having a milestone birthday, the music should relate to you and your guests, maybe taking you all back to a special time in your lives.

Favourite songs that you can all relate too is the key to a successful event.

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