Music Sound Level

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Music Sound Level

Music Sound Level – Too High or Too Low?

Something else you will be considering when arranging a DJ for your event is the music sound level, is too high or too low?

Discussing Sound Levels with your DJ

When you book a DJ that you can trust, you can discuss every element of the celebration with them you should discuss with them the music sound level that you would be expecting. Will the music sound level be too high or too low? Once the party is in full swing you may feel that the sound level isn’t quite right; don’t just go with it, approach your DJ and discuss the sound level with him. If you feel it is too high your DJ should be accommodating and turn it down. It may be the other way that you feel the volume isn’t quite high enough and again you should approach your DJ and ask for the music sound level to be turned up. If you have booked a good DJ such as DJ Knight, they will be able to advise you on what they believe the music sound level should be.


The sound level will sound different in different venues. This is because of the size of the space, etc. There are many factors to consider you book a venue regarding the sound as the DJ you book will have to be experienced to know the music he plays will sound in the space that has been booked. You shouldn’t be having the stress of worrying about the music sound level being too high or too low; your DJ should take that stress on for you! Some venues have sound limiters in them and therefore the level is already set for you. This way you know that it will never be too high!


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