Myth of Booking a DJ

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myth of booking a dj

Clear up the Myth of Booking a DJ

There are many myths about DJ’s out there and we are here to clear up the myth of booking a DJ. It really doesn’t have to be a difficult affair.

Booking a good DJ

Many people may have different ideas to what identifies a good DJ. Some people believe that the more colourful the character, the more props and gimmicks a DJ has, must mean that he is a good DJ. This isn’t necessarily the case and is a myth of booking a DJ. The DJ may be using all these extras to cover up what really lies underneath!

How do I spot a good DJ?

Once you know what kind of celebration you need the DJ for, then the next step is to do your research. When you have a DJ in mind, contact them and meet with them. You can tell from that first moment of meeting your DJ whether you can build a relationship with them. If you contact a DJ such as DJ Knight, he will instantly make you feel at ease and you know that you will be in good hands, dispelling the myth of booking a DJ. A good DJ will have charisma, a fantastic personality and a friendly, approachable nature. DJ Knight has all this and more.

Where to Research

Firstly, you need to check out their website and you should be able to see footage of past events that they have played at. You should also read the testimonials and recommendations. These should give you a real insight to the type of DJ you are looking to book. When researching you should be able to see if the DJ is versatile and used to playing a various types of event and not just a ‘one trick pony’.  DJ Knight is an extremely experienced, professional and versatile DJ who would make your party the special event it deserves to be. If you contact DJ Knight, you will realise that it really was pretty simple to book that all important DJ!

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