Party Music Discussion

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Party Music Discussion

Party Music Discussion – An Important Conversation!

When planning a party you need to have a good relationship with your DJ and have the necessary party music discussion.  There are many elements to every party and the main element is the party music.  Here are some notes on what to expect at the party music discussion:

  • Every party is different and every client is different, therefore once you have your DJ booked it is essential to have a party music discussion.
  • The whole vibe of the party can be changed by the music and you need that discussion to ensure you keep the right vibe for your party.
  • Not everyone has the same taste in music so it is imperative that your DJ does his utmost to keep your guests happy and on the dancefloor.
  • Is your party themed? There are many different types of music that can enhance a themed party. For example are you planning an 80s themed party? If so, then the playlist will consist of some of the best hits of the 1980s.
  • Book a DJ such as DJ Knight and he will have an extremely thorough party music discussion with you. He will advise and create a playlist that will be sure to have your party rocking!
  • When discussing your party music you have to consider the range of ages within your guests. It is important to please all of your guests whilst at the same time ensuring that everyone is having a great party. This is a real skill and one that DJ Knight has perfected.  He is able to adapt and play to any age group or any type of guest! He doesn’t like an empty dancefloor!
  • Above all, you must have a party music discussion as ultimately it’s your party and you must have the music that you want. DJ Knight is always very attentive and will listen to his client and not just go and play his favourite tunes!

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