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Perfect Party Planning - Ending on a high note - DJ Knight

Perfect party planning – ending on a high note

When party planning, whether it’s a wedding, birthday, Bar/Bat mitzvah, whatever the occasion, there is so much time and effort put into the whole thing.

You will have your timetable: the arrival time, the food time, the music time, the time for speeches, etc. and then after all your hard work and stress, the party finishes.

As a wedding DJ, DJ Knight knows how to keep the guests dancing and the party in full flow for the entire evening. From his experience, he knows that you want your guests to leave the wedding wanting more and on a real high. That lovely, fun feeling is the one that they are all going home with so let’s send them home feeling exactly that!

The one way to ensure that you have the wedding party planning sorted completely, is also to consider bringing into the plan the last few precious minutes of the wedding. One sure way to achieve you feeling in control is to choose an end of the night song to be played. There are various songs you can choose and that is your choice; whether you want to end on a song that gets everyone on their feet singing the words to a popular tune or one that everyone surrounds the bride and groom to and sway merrily to something a bit more mellow. Whatever you want the feeling to be, you best think of a song. DJ Knight can advise on the songs that always work to end a fabulous evening on that all important high note.

It is also advisable to bring into your party planning how you get the guests to leave once the music is all finished. We find that the best way to achieve this is to choreograph into the proceedings a big ‘send off’ to the bride and groom. Everyone will take immense pleasure in giving them their very best wishes as they set off on married life. The guests will then feel ready to grab their coats and head off home.

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