Set Design and DJing

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Set Design & DJing

Set Design and DJing

When it comes to special events, the entire look and feel of the decor is what makes the whole event a memorable one. Yes, your DJ is responsible for ensuring the right music is played at the right times, but a major factor that is sometimes overlooked is the stage set up of where the DJ is playing.

If you have ever seen a DJ playing at a show or live concert, the show is enhanced by look of the stage, this in turn makes the performance far more immersive.

You can and should take these elements and apply them to your own event.

A DJ playing from a table with a couple of speakers and a tripod with a few lights is not going to give you the effect of a purpose built, designed stage, with DJ booth and a professional disco lighting and sound system.

Are we saying that all this is what makes your DJ play better? No! We are saying it adds and enhances your event.

An event is like a puzzle, there are many pieces that are needed to complete the whole picture. DJ set up is one of them.

When your set design matches and fits your event, you will instantly feel your function flow much better.

Elements such as DJ wiring neatly tied down and hidden away, a DJ booth rather than a table, a lighting system that is programmable, a designated dancefloor that is brought in, using the most up to sound system, all impact on how your event is received.

All these pieces of the puzzle are what makes the whole experience of having a DJ at your event work so well.

There is nothing like the bespoke approach to set design, it will be a one off that no one else will have which will make your event truly YOURS.

Enquire more about how you can have bespoke set design for your DJ area, click here.

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