Surround Sound

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Surround Sound

Surround Sound

The sound/PA system for any event is extremely important. Without it you have no way to amplify music or announcements. Aside from having a good sound system, installs (surround sound) is an effective way of everyone in the space to hear the music.

The sound system will depend on the location you have booked as all venues have varying dimensions and acoustics. If your guests are situated throughout the space, either seated or casually, music that comes from just one direction can be difficult for everyone to hear. (This is usually just from the direction of the DJ).

The use of surround sound helps to disperse the sound evenly throughout the entire space. This eliminates all the sound coming from only one direction.

The benefit of having a surround sound system is you don’t have to raise up the front of house system (from the DJ’s direction) so loud to compensate for fact that guests further away won’t hear.

Having a surround system is also good if you are having your event in a venue that has sound restrictions. Working with a limiter can be challenging for DJ’s or bands. If you go above the set sound limit, it will automatically cut the whole system off.

This is obviously not an ideal situation. The way around it is sometimes to have a surround sound system installed.

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