Wedding Couple Consultations

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Wedding Couple Consultations

Wedding Couple Consultations – Getting it Right

So you’re getting married – congratulations!! All the planning is in full swing and you have booked your DJ.  Now you need to know how to provide a playlist.  If you book DJ Knight, he will always insist on wedding couple consultations.

  • Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and you want to get the music right but there’s so much music to choose from!! Where do you start? Well with the first dance – if you are struggling to make the choice of the very important first dance song, then DJ Knight is able to advise you at your wedding couple consultation.
  • During a wedding couple consultation, the music for the whole evening can be discussed. It is your celebration and therefore you have maximum input into the choice of music to be played throughout the evening. DJ Knight is extremely capable of giving you the expert advice you may need when planning a playlist.
  • DJ Knight is a very experienced DJ who will, at the wedding couple consultation, give much needed guidance when thinking of the genre and type of music you want at your wedding.
  • DJ Knight will have a very positive attitude to whatever music you wish to have played – you may be planning a themed wedding; this is why a wedding couple consultation is necessary so that you can let your DJ know the genre of music you wish to have played throughout the evening.
  • DJ Knight is sure to have your wedding guests on the dancefloor all night long. At your wedding couple consultation he will make clear that he prides himself on ensuring all guests have a great time and he always keeps everyone dancing! He is always very aware of his surroundings and the age groups of the guests and will advise at the consultation that he will adapt and play according to his audience.

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