What is DJ Live?

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What is DJ Live?

What is DJ Live? How does it work?

Figuring out if you want a DJ, a band, or both for your event can be a difficult decision to make. All the options are great for various reasons. There is a need to choose. We shall explain what and how DJ live works.

The fusion of the DJ playing in collaboration with musicians has become the popular choice of many.

Without sounding corny, it’s killing two birds with one stone. You have a DJ with a professional band set playing together in synergy.

The live sound of the musicians such as saxophonist, percussionists, electric violinists, trumpet and keyboard players produce always fills a room with warmth and energy.

Live singers enhance the DJ live experience by bringing the music alive.

Once these elements are put together with the DJ playing the melody of the songs you get a live performance that you can enjoy during dinner and dancing.

DJ live can be arranged in many various ways, meaning there is a choice on the number of musicians that can be added.

Anything from 2 to 8 musicians can be added.

So how does it work?

The DJ acts as the conductor and plays the underlying melody of the track.

The musicians enhance the melody of the track by playing.

The singers sing the lyrics of the tracks.

Another bonus of having DJ live is you have a DJ and live musicians.

There are some songs that just sound amazing played by the DJ and likewise when played live. Having DJ live will give you the option of the DJ play as they normally would.

If you’re still trying to work out if DJ Live could work for your event, contact here.

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